Sunday, February 28, 2010

NewYear Eve + NewYear

back on 31st December 2009, me, mei, qi, xuan and edisan sat midnight train down from Bukit Mertajam to Kuala Lumpur Central.. reached KL central early in de morning at 6am plus and went to McDonalds for breakfast while waiting for UncleLong to come n fetch us back.. he came n brought us back to his place to sleep till we've got enough energy to start our trip in KL for few days.. we went to KL Times Square in de afternoon and shopped for some stuffs den went up to Genting Highlands for countdown for the New Year 2010... it was our FIRST time at Genting Highlands for countdown... SURPRISINGLY, WeiRen and his family all came to genting highlands as well and surprised us... and they brought along my whity!! yay!! happy happy happy... de fireworks was nice, very big, very lovely, but too bad there's thick mist covering up the fireworks that we couldnt see most of them.. after countdown, we went back to KL, UncleLong's place... his family also went up to Genting with us as well to celebrate this countdown..

1st January 2010
a new year for all of us... which is also Xuan's birthday... we all went to Sunway Lagoon and play for de whole afternoon... and surprisingly, WeiRen, WeiKen and WeiKhye were there as well..

and xuan receive 'SQUILLY' as a birthday present from WeiRen n brothers..

Happy Birthday WanXuan

2nd Jan, uncle brought us up to Genting and play..

n we went back to Penang on 3rd Jan.. =)

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