Thursday, February 16, 2012

For durian fan: Ways to eat durian

Lastnight during badminton, I was having a little conversation with Faddy about durian, coz Mrs Shafee brought a container of durian cake for us.. and so, Faddy told me that durian and coffee, we cannot have them together.. Is this true?? I made some research on the internet, and it seems like so far until now, there's no medical findings that shows that having both at the same time would lead to serious consequences.. but traditional and medical experts said that both should be moderately consumed..

But the locals believed that durian can become harmful when they're being taken together with coffee or alcoholic beverages as it could cause indigestion and bad breath.. ohya, and never eat durian when u're feeling hungry, you'll get gastric.. I had tat before... some research said that by eating durian together with alcoholic drinks will lead to bloating of the stomach..

Recently, everywhere around Brunei, Limbang, Lawas is ALL full with durianssss.... not only the original white ones... but also de small red and orange ones, tat u guys will NEVER find in anywhere else, because they can only be found in the Borneo Island... Why do I say you cant find it else where, and also in Singapore or West Malaysia, let me show you a picture tat I took...

this is the normal 'white' durian you can see everywhere..

orange ones... surprise???

or even more surprise, red ones....

you can see de colour different here..

not only you can eat durian as a fruit itself, there're many other ways that you can have durian with..

1) Durian Milkshake

2) Durian Cheesecake

3) Durian IceCream

4) Durian pancake

5) Durian egg tart

6) Durian candy

7) Durian pie

8) Durian muffin

9) Durian coffee

10) Durian cream puff

11) Durian mooncake

12) Durian with sticky rice

13) Durian bread

14) Durian cendol

15) Durian pudding

and so on and on... what else can you think of??

having talking so much about durian, I just realised I havent post a single photo of durian.. LOL...
here it goes:

that's all for now.. enjoy reading.. ^^