Wednesday, November 28, 2012

love is back

After so many months of resting, I guess it's time to make this blog alive again... how is everyone out there?? =D =D
Gotta use something to give me motivation to blog daily again like previous times..
Anyways, just a short one for now, WeiRen is back!! last week.. After 4 years of hard work studying overseas, he's finally home.. Congratulations my love, congratulations Mr.Engineer...

Will update again after work later.. ^^

Thursday, May 31, 2012

愛上巧克力 Ti amo Chocolate

Hasn't watch taiwanese series for quite some time... recently before I started to work.. I watch this 愛上巧克力 Ti amo Chocolate movie everyday.. dey had it every weekdays.. and so, every morning at home, I've movie to watch... It's about 'chocolate'... how much do you know about chocolate?? wanting to know more about chocolate, juz watch the movie... I don think the movie ended yet...

Casting by: 吳建豪曾之喬張勛傑王子MC40郭書瑤竇智孔.....

their songs are actually quite nice too.. I'm gonna download them soon when I'm free.. here's the list for de songs.. =)

1. 不敗(片頭) by 吳建豪2PM俊昊
2. 途中(片尾) by 黃美珍
3. 今天開始 by 吳建豪
4. 臨時演員 by 懷秋
5. 你會不會 by 梁靜茹
6. 小小螞蟻 by 潘瑋柏
7. 愛鍊 by 黃美珍
8. 愛不愛我 by 大嘴巴
9. 情人知己 by 梁文音
10. 彩虹(Live版) by 伍佰
11. 不屬於我的淚 by 孫耀威
12. 我們 by 梁文音

Happy Anniversary my love

Yesterday was a very special day... It was me n WeiRen's 4th Anniversary... recalling back 4 years ago, a lot of things, conflicts happen between ppl surrounding us till we get together.. Time flies, we've been together for 4 years.. and more years to come.. 

Dear WeiRen Moh

I realised once more, how lucky I am to have you...
you came into my world and touched my life with your sweet love!
in your arms, I feel secured, protected..
my days begin with your sweet love and ends with your warm touch..
Thanks for loving me.. and thanks for being there for me always..
Thanks for the lovely presents and surprises..
Thanks for being my wonderful boyfriend..

♥ ~`Happy Anniversary`~ ♥

I love you, always and forever ♥

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Kedah half day trip

Last weekend, WeiRen's family invited me to Kedah for a half day trip to the temple.. and so, in de morning, 5 of us went out together and off to the temple with another family.. After that, we went to search for this Thai restaurant that WeiRen's dad was looking for.. We found it at last!! happy happy... and we ordered these:

FYI, all are spicy!! except for the soft shell crab and fresh coconut... haha... de eat wasnt that bad.. will find a chance to come back here again... 

off to work... =D

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Joe Yew's belated 21st

Yesterday, Annabelle jiejie invited some of us for lunch at Times Square.. actually got other plan to do but in the end, we still go there for lunch buffet together.. there're 12 of us altogether, all adults.. luckily we didnt have heavy breakfast tat morning.. we ate, n ate, n ate.. there're juz some of the photos I took... more on facebook.. hehe.. 

after eating and being so full... suddenly there's a cake appearing in front of us.. den only we realised that de lunch is to celebrate Joe Yew's belated 21st birthday which is already passed for few weeks.. but nvm, at least we celebrate.. =D

nothing much to blog about at this post... the photos shows everything.. enjoy!! ^^
ohya.. and and and, look at the soft shell crab tat we ordered!! hahaha..... so so so so SMALL.... unexpected..!!

Friday, May 25, 2012

new friends: LiKheng & Jamie

As usual, I like to meet new friends, especially new students entering the university every semester.. This semester, I came across to these two girls who also came from Malaysia, twinning program and mutual friend with one of my HSC friend in Penang... so I added them both, and dunno why, there's like some linkage between us all... when we first met each other face to face at MYSUN's welcome party, we three had A LOT to talk about.. I am still wondering why... lol... tat's faith?? =)

We've only been together, outings together for few times.. and I had to leave... how sad...  and these are the only photos of us that I can find between us three... I miss you girls, LiKheng and Jamie... hope to see you girls soon!! with Andrea ♥... Hope that by the time I go back to newie again, dey still remember me... lol... anyways, exams coming soon.. GoodLuck girls... missing you girls here all de time... ^^

love love them... cant wait for our next gathering... "Max Brenner"... ^^

Malaysia offer discounts

Malaysia offers/discounts!! thinking of buying some deals but you think they are all expensive?? Malaysia now has come out with these awesome websites... you can actually purchase deals at a VERY CHEAP prices... don believe me?? click on any of those and check it out... =D

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday SzeMin

Last saturday, I went to Penang and was invited to this little girl's 1st birthday party at their house.. Happy 1st birthday Sze Min (i finally got her name spelling from her mum few days ago).. anyways, she's so active!! more active den her sister.. realize her birthday cake?? "Mickey Mouse"!! hehe.... she's so cute.... so so cute..... she loves to watch cartoon/kids channel.. when u play the movie, she'll sit down quietly, concentrating on her movie.. and whenever there's any ppl dancing, she'll start to move around and shake her body.. will soon find a chance to take a short video of her.. hehehe... 
few months later will be her sister's birthday.. gonna make another mixed photos of her again.. ^^

BIG DAY: Graduation!! =)

Hey there... 

sorry for not updating this blog for quite some time.. was busy with other personal stuff till I havent got the time to update this site.. promise to update them back asap.. =)

After studying so hard overseas for so many years, FINALLY.... me and some of my besties had come to this VERY special day, our GRADUATION..... this semester, there's me, Stephanie, AhYoon and AhFoo who graduated.. not forgetting the rest of them who've graduated with us too...  I realised that I didnt see much of them who studied the same course same subjects as me during my first year, first semester that actually graduated with me.. I wonder where the rest had gone.. lol...

anyways, here are some of our pictures.. I didnt have AhFoo's one coz I didnt attend his graduation.. had graduation trip, went somewhere else with my family.. =)

My graduation....

Stephanie's graduation

AhYoon's graduation

That's all for now... more updates soon when I get back.. After graduating for few weeks.. Excited for my next stage, WORK.. cant wait to start working.. ^^