Monday, February 27, 2012

Brunei's Mister Softy IceCream

Ding dong ding dong.... What dessert do you guys usually eat when u're in Brunei??? especially icecreams...

Dream cone??
Diary Queen??
Mini Melts??
Ideal IceCream??
or so on.. and so for...

last trip back to Brunei, sis kept talking about this Mister Softy... which is located in a van, driving all around Brunei.. most of them, you can find it outside some schools, for eg, SAS, CHMS or you can usually find them at Pasar Gadong...

and this is how the van looked like..

Mickey!! lol...

brought WeiRen to try the one at outside SAS..

Ta--da..... yummy mister softy... They are available in vanilla flavour, chocolate flavour or in a mixed one.. when we went there, dey only have vanillas left.. you can have ur choice in a 'cup' or 'cone'.. =)