Thursday, March 1, 2012

special day.. 29.02.2012

Saw the title of this post?? Special day... 29.02.2012... any idea why I say it's a very special day?? look at de date!!! hehe.. coz this particular date only happens ONCE in FOUR years time... realised tat yet???

So wat did everyone did during this special day??

WeiRen, Vivian and I, went to Pete's place for dinner.. our very friendly Thai friend, who cooked us Thai food tat night.. =)

I kept looking at his aquarium when I went to his place... lots and lots of fishes... swimming here n there... very colourful ones... he has more den 4 actually.. all with different fishes... here are some of the photos... ^^

while looking at the fishes, Pete was busy preparing dinner for us... and we had:
1) vege
2) thai omelette
3) deep fried pork ribs?

All the dishes are really yummy.... gotta get recipe from him soon, especially the omelette!! hehehe...

Before we left, I took picture of this... Pete said he won all of them from the Newcastle Show lastyear.. PRO right?? =D

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