Sunday, May 27, 2012

Joe Yew's belated 21st

Yesterday, Annabelle jiejie invited some of us for lunch at Times Square.. actually got other plan to do but in the end, we still go there for lunch buffet together.. there're 12 of us altogether, all adults.. luckily we didnt have heavy breakfast tat morning.. we ate, n ate, n ate.. there're juz some of the photos I took... more on facebook.. hehe.. 

after eating and being so full... suddenly there's a cake appearing in front of us.. den only we realised that de lunch is to celebrate Joe Yew's belated 21st birthday which is already passed for few weeks.. but nvm, at least we celebrate.. =D

nothing much to blog about at this post... the photos shows everything.. enjoy!! ^^
ohya.. and and and, look at the soft shell crab tat we ordered!! hahaha..... so so so so SMALL.... unexpected..!!

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