Friday, May 25, 2012

new friends: LiKheng & Jamie

As usual, I like to meet new friends, especially new students entering the university every semester.. This semester, I came across to these two girls who also came from Malaysia, twinning program and mutual friend with one of my HSC friend in Penang... so I added them both, and dunno why, there's like some linkage between us all... when we first met each other face to face at MYSUN's welcome party, we three had A LOT to talk about.. I am still wondering why... lol... tat's faith?? =)

We've only been together, outings together for few times.. and I had to leave... how sad...  and these are the only photos of us that I can find between us three... I miss you girls, LiKheng and Jamie... hope to see you girls soon!! with Andrea ♥... Hope that by the time I go back to newie again, dey still remember me... lol... anyways, exams coming soon.. GoodLuck girls... missing you girls here all de time... ^^

love love them... cant wait for our next gathering... "Max Brenner"... ^^

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  1. hello, nice post, nice shared, nice pics... :)