Thursday, May 24, 2012

BIG DAY: Graduation!! =)

Hey there... 

sorry for not updating this blog for quite some time.. was busy with other personal stuff till I havent got the time to update this site.. promise to update them back asap.. =)

After studying so hard overseas for so many years, FINALLY.... me and some of my besties had come to this VERY special day, our GRADUATION..... this semester, there's me, Stephanie, AhYoon and AhFoo who graduated.. not forgetting the rest of them who've graduated with us too...  I realised that I didnt see much of them who studied the same course same subjects as me during my first year, first semester that actually graduated with me.. I wonder where the rest had gone.. lol...

anyways, here are some of our pictures.. I didnt have AhFoo's one coz I didnt attend his graduation.. had graduation trip, went somewhere else with my family.. =)

My graduation....

Stephanie's graduation

AhYoon's graduation

That's all for now... more updates soon when I get back.. After graduating for few weeks.. Excited for my next stage, WORK.. cant wait to start working.. ^^

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  1. congrats dear for ur graduation.i'm sure u're happy than everyone..happy graduation ya..=)