Thursday, March 8, 2012

Eastwood - Korean village

Few days ago, Kiwi and I went down to Sydney airport to pick up Stephanie and Yoon.. after tat, we headed over to Eastwood to eat something before going back home.. I dont know why I forgot to take picture of the shop name, now I don know wat's de name of the shop.. but the shop is located juz at the corner of tat Korean village, one whole street where you can find mostly korean restaurants n grocery shop while partly of japanese ones..

four of us had these:...
can you imagine how much the food was for the four of us?? we didnt manage to finish them actually.. TOO FULL till I didnt have dinner tat night.. next time when I head over there again, I'll make sure I remember to take picture of the shop name.. hehe... btw, de food wasn't tat bad.. ^^

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