Thursday, May 31, 2012

愛上巧克力 Ti amo Chocolate

Hasn't watch taiwanese series for quite some time... recently before I started to work.. I watch this 愛上巧克力 Ti amo Chocolate movie everyday.. dey had it every weekdays.. and so, every morning at home, I've movie to watch... It's about 'chocolate'... how much do you know about chocolate?? wanting to know more about chocolate, juz watch the movie... I don think the movie ended yet...

Casting by: 吳建豪曾之喬張勛傑王子MC40郭書瑤竇智孔.....

their songs are actually quite nice too.. I'm gonna download them soon when I'm free.. here's the list for de songs.. =)

1. 不敗(片頭) by 吳建豪2PM俊昊
2. 途中(片尾) by 黃美珍
3. 今天開始 by 吳建豪
4. 臨時演員 by 懷秋
5. 你會不會 by 梁靜茹
6. 小小螞蟻 by 潘瑋柏
7. 愛鍊 by 黃美珍
8. 愛不愛我 by 大嘴巴
9. 情人知己 by 梁文音
10. 彩虹(Live版) by 伍佰
11. 不屬於我的淚 by 孫耀威
12. 我們 by 梁文音

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