Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Happy DragonBoat Festival!!

Happy DragonBoat Festival
everyone out there...

sniff sniff.. I don get to eat, AGAIN!! still remember lastyear, on de same day, saw everyone posting on facebook saying tat dey're eating it.. yummy yummy... miss my grandma's bakzhang... no pictures of grandma's yummy bakzhang, will take pic of it n post up here when I go back home..

bakzhang has two types? for what I know so far...
This is ZongZi, in hokkien 'BakZhang'.. (粽子)

made of glutinous rice, stuffed with different fillings (according to wat u like to put), and wrapped in bamboo or reed leaves. After wrapping, they're to be cooked by steaming or boiling..

This is JianShuiZhang, in hokkien 'KeeZhang'.. (碱水粽)

these type of zhang are typically eaten as a dessert rather than a main meal. This glutinous rice is treated with lye water (aqueous sodium carbonate), giving them their distinctive yellow colour.. some ppl don like to eat this coz it's sticky.. it has no filling inside, u can eat it with kaya, gula melaka, sugar n others..
wat else u guys eat this with??

last year when I came back for my second semester, my uncle gave me this 'zhang'... a very very special ones... WeiRen n I NEVER seen it before.... anyone seen this type of 'zhang' before?? it looks the same from outside.. right?? BUT inside!!!


it's green in colour..... O.M.G... first time in real life I see such 'zhang'.. lol...

u cant eat it juz like tat.. coz it's not even cook yet... unlike de normal ones we ate before, u can eat it after u steam it... this type, u've got to cut it into slices.. like de below picture.. after cutting it into slices.. put a little bit of oil on de frying pan, n starts to fry it...

After frying, u'll get this in de end...

seen this type of 'zhang' before?? If I'm not mistaken, is a type of Vietnam 'zhang' I suppose... anyone know how ppl call this?? hahaha... It actually taste NICE!! really really delicious.. maybe I'll buy it when I see it some time... =D

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