Monday, June 7, 2010


time flies... n cant believe it has been for 2 lovely years.. our anniversary this year, I decided to surprise him for a 'cruise dinner' at Sydney.. who knows on 12am, he surprised me with a BIGGER surprise, which is really unexpected.. I knew he did prepare something for me, but never knew it was this unexpected gift.. not forgetting the lovely card he made for me... thanks love ♥

we decided to go to Sydney early in de morning, with JiannWei n GaikTin, for dimsum at Chatswood.. we reached there early and de door is not even open, LOL.. so we waited for a while till de door opens..

the two lovely couple.. first time have dimsum together.. hehe

and I found this cool, so juz snap a pic of it..

After dimsum, we walked around in Chatswood Shopping Centre and headed to Manly Beach.. Manly beach is one of the famous beaches in New South Wales, but personally I'll still prefer Newcastle beach.. Manly beach is famous for its surfing, u can see A LOT of ppl surfing as they've got strong waves enough for them to surf..

♥ US ♥

after tat, we went separately and came back Newcastle together again de following day.. we both went to check in at the hotel later on..

see my little bear taking picture with DarlingHarbour behind?

we went for this Sushi for a small snack.. as we've got buffet dinner during the evening

us, with the Majestic Cruise behind us..

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# Deluxe harbour buffet (including seafood) freshly prepared on board
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we checked out the hotel

went for Sushi, n went back to Newcastle to attend my last lecture and tutorial.. =D

thanks boyfriend for the wonderful memories.... not forgetting the surprise gift u've got for me... thanks thanks thanks.... Iloveyou ♥

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