Saturday, October 23, 2010


juz back from MYSUN's AGM a while ago... a year's MYSUN has come to an end... it was so great metting all these awesome members of MYSUN... thanks Kenneth for bringing me into this wonderful committee.. was holding the 'Public Relation' position for this year... the AGM was again, like beginning of the year, held at Bara Roof Top.. everything was for free!! no matter whether u're member or non-member... there're foods like chips, fruits, drinks, n not forgetting pizzas!!!... and later on, starts the nomination for de top 4 positions of MYSUN...

new MYSUN 2011
President - Vishnu
Vice-President - Norman & NadiaG
Secretary - Me =D
Treasurer - Kenneth

not forgetting to mention:
MYSUN committee 2010
President - Ihsan
Vice-President - NadiaS
Secretary - Khusna
Ass secretary - Norman
Treasurer - Kenneth
Ass secretary - ShinLin
Public Relation - Me & NadiaG
Designer - CalvinChua
Student Relation - Vishnu
Student Affairs Officer - Daphne
Sports Director - Hezrie

the 12 of us this year ♥


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