Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Andrea & Sathveer's advanced bday

I'm back again!!... lastnight, de few of us randomly went out a dinner date at Vietking at Darby St.. luckily not many ppl were there.. it was our first dinner together outside actually, after so many months being together as a committee.. btw, congratulations to Sathveer for taking up the vice-president position for nextyear.. current positions are:
President - Vishnu
Vice President - Sathveer
Secretary - Jolin
Treasurer - Megan
Designer - Vivien
PR - Denise
Sports Director - Aizat

Anyways, let's come back to our dinner... Kiwi served us... and we had:

Stuffed Chicken Wing + Roasted Quail for our entree

Hot Pot Tofu Vegetables + Lemongrass Bazil Chicken

Banana Flower Duck + Soft Shell Crab
as our main course

and after our dinner... we started to take pictures... and, SURPRISE!!!!

Happy Birthday to you.. Happy Birthday to you..
Happy Birthday to Andrea and Sathveer in advanced.. Happy Birthday to you...
[ps.. both of them were looking around, wondering who's bday was it on tat night..]

both the bday girl n guy..

us five

my love

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