Monday, October 24, 2011

week 12

It's week 12.... and is my last semester studying in this university... 3 full years.. it's just like me starting to study here few weeks ago.. time flies very fast, i mean, "really fast" at university... every semester of 4 months is really short.. imagine studying few subjects for 4 months and after exam, u can juz forget about it and start studying a few new subjects..

exams are around the corner and it's really time to start studying for now.. the weather is also getting hotter n hotter here, reminds me of my 1st year here actually.. 40 degrees weather studying for my final exam.. I guess soon, I'll be stucked in de library everyday juz to study, because uni has air-con!! HAHA...

anyways, yesterday was our MYSUN 2011 AGM... another year has passed again... Thanks many many to all the committees this year...

I really had a lot of fun thisyear with everyone... GoodLuck to everyone in their future... =D

Exams, to study very very hard!!!
after exams, holiday!! for a short while..
after holiday... gotta start to find a job n work work n work..
$$$, u'll be in my pocket soon!! ^^

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