Thursday, November 3, 2011

special dinner - CRAB

2 days ago, while WeiRen and I were studying at home, suddenly we stopped studying and starting discussing among each other wat to eat for dinner tat night.. Out of a sudden, I dunno how the 'crab' comes into our mind.. and straight away, we stopped studying and went to Newcastle City's Market to buy crab.. we saw 2 mud crabs there and wanted to purchase them.. and so, I went to take de number to wait for my turn for someone to serve me.. when it came to my turn, I told de person,

me: hey.. if I buy both the crabs, will you be able to help me to kill them?
she: I'm sorry we dont provide the service.. we usually put them in de freezer .... .... ... ...

I forgot what was her reason.. and so, I discussed with WeiRen for few minutes and finally, decided to purchase both de crabs.. we took a bottle of tomato sauce as well, but dunno why dey scanned but didnt charge us any price for de tomato sauce.. and so, we went back home.. and dey put them in the plastic bag..

I kept looking to the back to make sure that both de crabs are still safely inside de plastic.. haha... funny me... =P

from the pictures, can you see how big the crabs are?? damn scary right??? I don even dare to touch it.. WeiRen helped me to killed them actually.. lol.. and saw their grill... eewww..... I only know how to eat actually.. LOL.. but this was the first time I cook too..

and the end product.....

Ta-daa...... invited AhFoo along for the dinner.. and we managed to finish all of them and we were so fulll..... =)

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  1. nice pic... and I was joint with this site.. backlink yeah?