Friday, November 18, 2011

WeiRen's Advanced 21st Birthday

yesterday was a special day.. as WeiRen juz finished his his exam, he decided to cook and have a small gathering for everyone.. and he decided to cook lastnight.. and so, WeiRen, Kiwi and AhFoo prepared dinner for all of us..

WeiRen cooked:

Kiwi cooked:

and AhFoo cooked:

wat do you guys think of the food?? it's really yummy... hehe.. =D

and after dinner, everyone were busy chatting among each other.. and suddenly, de guys thought of buying beer, and they went out and buy some beer back for the guys to drink.. while WeiRen went out with Adrian and AhFoo to buy some beer, de rest of us prepared his surprise when dey get home..

WeiRen's "Samsung Galaxy Tab" cake.. his wishlist..

and everyone took picture with him...

tat's all for now... more pictures on facebook.. ^^

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