Monday, February 13, 2012

countdown to Valentine

One day till Valentine's Day... are you ready yet?? have you prepare ur present for your loved ones? or even for urself?
a 'very special day' which occurs once in a year.. and especially during this special day.. ALL flowers, chocolates, and other kinds of presents... their price also increased for sure.. and that is where the seller earns most of their money from.. how jealous am I.. I should sell stuff during Valentine soon in the future when I found enough research..

anyways, Happy Valentine's Day to everyone out there.. If you've a partner, wish you and your partner have a wonderful time with each other.. If your partner is not with you, don worry, everyday is ur valentine when u're with each other, when you're not together, he/she is always in your heart.. For those who're still single, don be upset, ur loved ones will appear to you very soon and you wont be alone anymore.. =)

love this lovely flower of mine, eventhough is my bday flower.. but still.. it's really wonderful, still on my desk.. =)

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