Sunday, February 12, 2012

Makiyo VS KFC

Recently this news had been discussed and commented on everywhere around the internet... One news about "MAKIYO", a case that happened in Taiwan.. recently everyday the Taiwan tv is all talking about this news.. I wonder how's de conclusion now..
Next is about "KFC".. not de world's KFC but de KFC in Malaysia.. I don think anyone in malaysia now dares to walk in to KFC after de case..

Some people put the two news together and compared them, and come out with this table..

So, as you can you from the Makiyo case.. Everywhere we go, everything we do in public.. there's always a chance that someone will be recording them as u know, the world is not as safe as the past anymore.. therefore, nowadays you can see "CCTV" everywhere... cctv in restaurants, cctv in shops, cctv even on streets..

from the KFC case... as usual, it's always better to eat at home and not to eat outside... the food you eat outside, dey wont wash their ingredients as clean as wat we eat at home.. eating at home, u'll have healthier meal, cheaper meal den outside... most importantly, lesser oil... =)

tat's all for now.. have a wonderful day everyone.. ^^

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