Tuesday, February 14, 2012

小資女孩向前衝 Office Girls

"不要不要 胡搞瞎搞 , 不要不要 乱七八糟"

this song lyrics had been always in my mind all the time, reminding me of how good looking the main actor, Qiu Zhe ( 邱澤 ) is, and the new actress, 柯佳嬿 ... Let me recall back how I heard about this news.... hmmm...
It think... it was this one day, when I was at uni looking at the TV show, "Million Star [百萬大歌星].. 瑤瑤 came tat episode, and introduced this new show, 小資女孩向前衝 Office Girls.. and therefore, I starting looking at the show and fall in love with their songs inside..

Opening Song - 卓文萱 - 不要不要
Ending Song - 郁可唯 - 微加幸福
And the rest:
郁可唯 - 好朋友只是朋友
郁可唯 - 傷不起
卓文萱 - 想飛的自由落體
卓文萱 - 夠了
吳忠明 - 太冷靜
吳忠明 - 永不

The show has a total of 25 episodes.. The show is really nice, and I recommend you guys to watch this show.. ^^

Valentine Day today!! A lot of guys will be busy buying flowers and propose to their girlfriends, as wat I saw from the internet news this morning... need more ideas on how?? take a look at this video..


For more information, visit their website... HERE!!

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