Sunday, March 4, 2012

love-shaped banana bread

Recently, my housemates and I, all of us, dunno for wat reasons, came across with these ideas of cooking something special, baking, steaming and all kinds of stuff.. hahaha... I think maybe is because of one of de cook book I bought from Malaysia 2 years ago, or is because of those 'Australia's no.1 food magazine = super food ideas" books that I also bought few years ago in aussie.. I still remember tat time was a VERY BIG book fair at the Great Hall, and each books only costed few cents.. until now only I start digging them out and look at it.. gonna start looking at those books and start doing something special, since I've nothing much to do at home recently..

Anyways, yesterday, Keira suddenly say she wanna make 'Banana Bread'.. and so, we went grocery shopping, bought banana and others.. and Matthew made the banana bread, followed some recipe from the net.. and we had a perfect banana bread out from the oven.... and later on, Vivian suggested to make it into a love-shaped..

and here we goes...

isnt' it wonderful??? Love-shaped Banana Bread served with vanilla ice cream and some fruits that WeiRen cut... =)

I wonder wat's next.. XD

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