Friday, August 7, 2009

singapore - sydney

hey everyone!!

sorry for de late update.. as was busy with some other stuffs actually.. will update this blog and make it active nowadayz... hope everyone enjoy reading it.. i'll be updating posts for two blogs.. one for this n de other one is PinkPurple blog, where weeifoong n i shared de blog.. de link can be found beside.. =)

let's see.. weiren n i went back for holiday for a month.. and we met up again on 23rd july at singapore while transiting back to sydney.. my grandma actually made 'ba zhang' for me.. misses it a lot!! and mum actually steamed two n let me bring to singapore n let weiren try... his comment?? 'lotzz of meat n other ingredients inside.. everyone outside selling more rice den ingredient but this is de other way round'.. hehe.. so now u know, my grandma's 'zhang' tat nice d horr.. =P

din really take pictures actually.. we juz take pictures at de airport only..

at the Skytrain at Changi Airport..

Changi Airport - Terminal 3


cute little bear.. wanlu loves teddybear.. ^^

after we reached Changi Airport - Terminal 3, we went to buy wine.. 'V.S.O.P'.. for my far relative.. they had lottery spinning.. after buying wine, we went to spin it.. n we got a voucher of S$7.. i bought a 2GB pendrive which costed S$10, so juz paid S$3 cash to de person.. while spinning, we din get a grand prize.. therefore, de person gave us a mickeymouse pillow!! i requested for another one n de lady actually gave us.. yay!!! wanlu's disney characters... blehzzz...

my pillow!!

me.. with my pillow..

we sat at the upper deck this time for A380.. de seats r actually more comfortable at de upper deck.. tat's wat i think.. for those who sit A380, should try de upper deck.. less ppl, plus more comfortable.. hehe.. watched 'Hannah Montana' on de plane.. den went to sleep d.. until icecream time!! ^^

new type again.. always different..

us.. with our icecreams..

tat's for our trip back from singapore to sydney.. back to newcastle again, and our second semester starts.. more to come up next..

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