Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I know i've not been updating for quite some time and i do apologize about tat.. many things have been happening recently.. de goods and bads, happiness and sadness.. wat to do? this is life.. Life is very short, and unpredictable.. we've no idea wat's gonna happen to us tomolo, or wat's gonna happen to people around us.. therefore, we should cherish with wat we have with us now and not to ask for me when we oledi have de best ones we have right beside us.. friends are forever... but not enemies... if u've been enemies before, there's always a way to settle it n become friends back.. people usually don talk, after dey've became enemies.. but even if dey forgive each other.. nobody dares to speak up and sooner or later, when there isnt time left, people start to regret.. regret y dey never speak to de person, saying they wanted to be friends back, or even if dey oledi forgive them..

y do i start with this post? is becoz few days ago, there's an incident tat happen which nobody actually wants it to happen around us.. there're accidents everywhere at anytime, which nobody can change it.. last few days, there's this four friends who went to a waterfall but in accident, three of them were drowned coz of the strong water current.. which is really sad.. although I don know any of them, but i know, everyone around them, will be very sad to hear de news.. Hope you guys will Rest In Peace..

lastnight, another incident happen again.. juz nearby University of Newcastle.. two of my friends, who went to their friend's house for dinner, walked back after lunch and got extorted by unknown people, and lost their new iphones and laptop.. y do ppl wan to do all these?? if dey wan, dey can juz earn money and purchase their own.. stealing is really bad.. i hate ppl stealing!!! Arghhh.... wonder when can de world be peaceful back.. not only my two friends, but also nearby tat area, FOUR cars were stolen!!! omg... i thought aussie ppl all very friendly one.. i still remember losing my handphone pouch with my uni student ID, driving license, photo card, insurance card together with AUD50.. i even reported to de police station regarding de incident.. and 2weeks later, i actually received an email from my uni and dey said someone actually send my stuffs to de uni.. THANK so much for de person who actually return my stuff back to me.. too bad i dunno who u are.. but u're really really nice.. thankyou!!!

as uni re-opens.. it was WeiRen's turn to left something in uni.. he went to de student hub and actually left his handphone n he doesnt even know until uni actually phoned my mum and she was trying to find me telling me tat.. luckily, some nice ppl, once again, passed de phone to de office members and he got back his phone.. tat's why i think aussie ppl are very friendly... still remember i heard from some friends tat they lost their iphones before and dey actually got them back... this time, my friend didnt lose them, but got robbed or something.. juz becoz dey wan their stuffs.. hai~ SAD.....

exams are coming really soon!!! i'm not totally prepared for exams yet...
10th Nov - ECON1002 Macroeconomics
16th Nov - ACFI1002 Accounting Practise
17th Nov - ACFI2005 Finance
24th Nov - Managing the Organization

hate econs.. but luckily this is gonna be de LAST economics subject i take.. WeiXue'll be reaching Sydney on 17th Nov.. lucky him.. come de time when i'm having my paper... LOL.... might not be able to update this blog till after i finish my exam... till I go back Brunei or Malaysia.. =)

and to dose ppl who din get my message.. is no longer is use... please add me back on

GOOD LUCK for those who are having their exams!!
HAPPY HOLIDAY for those who've finished their exams...

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