Wednesday, November 4, 2009


long post which i suppose to post long long time ago..

during our semester break, WeiRen and I, together with Ryan and Jasmine and Norman.. went to Adelaide for a one week trip.. WeiXue was our tour guide, scheduling where we should be going from day 1 till de last day... not forgetting his friends, as well as SiewLeng, JyeYee, WenQin as well as SzeChing... we rented cars during de first day and one of de car's car plate was lost during de second day before we continue our journey.. 28th September till 4th October.. where our journey starts...

DAY 1- reached Adelaide Airport early in de morning; and guess wat?? de weather is SUPER DUPER COLD!!! and I actually forget to bring my jeans along!! omg... i thought de weather is not as cold as wat it suppose to be.. winter has juz passed... we went to Hahndorf for lunch (German sausages), den to Goolwa Beach den to Victor Harbour (the famous attraction in Adelaide)

DAY 2 - after breakfast, we went to South Para Reservoir and got lost in an unknown farm where we saw sheeps and dey actually ran away and de owner of de piece of land saw their sheeps or something being scared and actually came n chased us away... SAD... we're looking for Whispering Wall tat time... luckily at de end, we managed to find it.. next, went to Tanunda Jacob's Creek which is de Barossa Valley winery (trust me, Barrosa Valley is much much BIGGER den HunterValley).. den to Mengler's Hill for sunset..

DAY 3 - went to Hamley Bridge.. den drove back to city and since we still have time, we spend de rest of our day at Harbour Town.. where it's shopping time!! shop shop n shop... LOL... bought some stuffs and; not forgetting clothes.. LOL....

DAY 4 - morning met up with SiewLeng and we went to Glenelg, another famous tourist attraction, and TownHall.. not fogetting to sit down n relax eating fries before we leave.. went to TeaTree Plaza after tat, one of de biggest shopping centre in Adelaide, but nothing much to see though, as is almost de same as wat we have in Charlestown/Kotara.. otw to TeaTree Plaza, we went through the longest O-Bahn in the world, which is the bus on train tracks.. cool right?? i never seen it before... at night, we went for buffet pasta dinner at IKEA..

DAY 5 - after travelling outside city, is time to travel inside de city... walked around de city of Adelaide, and went to RundleMall for a walk.. den to SwingingBowl for lunch PLUS a surprise birthday for WeiXue.. den went to State Library, University or Adelaide; including the so called 'Harry Potter library'.. den to Torrens River (where many University of Adelaide and University of South Australia students go), den to University of South Australia guided by JyeYee, den to The Botanic Gardens of Adelaide and State Herbarium (not as nice as de ones in Sydney)

DAY 6 - had dimsum in de morning, den went for a walk at the Central Market (where u can actually get everything!! sad newcastle don have such place).. den to Marion Shopping Center (another biggest shopping center but nothing much to see also).. den went to South Terrace Clover, Adelaide Park Lands.. and in de evening, we spend our time at Elder's Park at the Adelaide Festival Center to celebrate MoonCake Festival..

DAY 7 - after one week, it's time to go back home... sad.... gonna go back to our life studying studying n studying non stop... 5 of us went back to Sydney and drove back to Newcastle...

one lovely trip to Adelaide... THANKS to EVERYONE who made this trip a wonderful trip for us... ♥

pictures time...

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