Tuesday, November 10, 2009

video call

2 days ago, had a video conversation with WeiRen's relatives in USA.. WeiQuan hosted the video call, followed by everyone in de family, plus those who went to USA for holiday.. tat was de very first time, I actually talked to them face to face (through webcam).. To u all who went for holiday, hope u guys enjoy ur trip overthere... To u all who go there for work, hope u guys enjoy ur work overthere, don forget to come back penang!! hehe...

us three, with my kanga, n their poo and pee.. =)

i captured them... sorry yirong n weiquan..
but u two looks cute here.. =)

tat's all for now... had macroeconomics exam this afternoon... hate de subject.. so so difficult... hope i can pass.. sad sad sad....

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