Thursday, December 10, 2009

9th December 2009

9th December 2009
WeiRen's 19th birthday

feels happy n great tat WeiRen had a wonderful and lovely bithday with lotzz of surprises from everyone he loves...
Thankyou WeiXue, for planning a surprise birthday party at night..
Thankyou WeiRen's family, for preparing de birthday place n de delicious food..
Thankyou WeiXue, Adeleen, LiTee, HongLee, KhengKai, TaoSheng and de rest for preparing some food along..
Thankyou everyone for the wishes n greetings...
Thankyou Hard Rock Cafe for the lovely surprise with a lovely souvenir...

early in de morning, WeiRen fetch me from my place.. and we went to INTI to visit Karen.. had a little talk with her.. den we went to fetch WeiKen from tuition and went for dimsum breakfast.. after tat, we went to visit cute little baby girl... 'so so cute!!!!!!!' cant stop looking at the cute little little baby..... ♥

sent WeiKen back home, and we went to Gurney Plaza... went to walk around there, n shopped for some clothes.. when de time had reached.. we went out from gurney plaza and went to Hard Rock Cafe for our lunch... the staff at Hard Rock Cafe had a little surprise for de birthday guy.. after lunch, we walked around Hard Rock Hotel and took some pictures, den leave Baru Feringgi and back to Gurney again..

back to Gurney Plaza, we waited for our movie to start... first time buy ticket for the Premier Class and watched 'Twilight Saga: New Moon'.. movie ends at 7.10pm and we went back after tat.. i was so worried tat WeiRen'll notice something but luckily all de cars were missing, as well as de shoes.. and everyone were hiding somewhere inside de house.. Thankyou WeiXue for planning everything for de night.. de same thanks goes to everyone else..

when WeiRen opened de door, everyone shouted and surprised de birthday guy.. after tat, another cake came out along wishing KhengKai a happy birthday...


everyone had a lovely night together with each other... not much else to say.. photos will explain de rest... weiren sent me n khengkai back home later... ^^

early in de morning..

tried this set.. but didnt buy..

us.. with our meals.. at Hard Rock Cafe..

de friendly guy.. who planned de surprise for WeiRen..


make a wish....

souvenir... from HardRock Cafe..

cinema.. with only 80seats... but only 6ppl watching de show..


[darling, hope u had an enjoyable n memorable birthday this year... iloveyou ♥ ]

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