Tuesday, March 30, 2010

loves tuesdays

wanlu loves tuesdays.... y?? coz there's no uni every tuesdays!! yay!! but i still have things to do at home.. wat's happening currently, there're pictures on facebook.. and also some detailed at my other blog.. cant wait till easter break!! talking about easter, i've only have less den 3 days for packing.. will be off to Sydney on 2nd April and gonna meet up with LiTee, den 3rd till 8th apr will be at Tasmania with Adeleen... cant wait for another state's adventure... from internet and brochures, Hobart is really a beautiful place, I hope it really is... =)

i've got to make use of ALL my time during easter... as after easter, no more fun... gotta study ALL de time.. i've got quizes, tests, assignments and stuffs to hand in all de time continuously and until exam... den, back to Brunei!!! hope to meet up with WeeiFoong before she left for further studies... misses WeeiFoong a lot!!! not forgetting Eileen!! whom i couldnt meet up with before I came sydney last month.. gonna stop right here, will blog more after easter... ^^

♥ Happy 22nd month anniversary to WeiRen n I ♥

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