Sunday, May 2, 2010


sorry for late updates... as was kinda busy with assignments and outings... I've blogged about some events on the other blog.. feel free to browse throught them when u're free... =)

havent been updating this blog for one month... let me juz summarized wat happen during the month of April of mine..
March 26 - Asian KTV
March 27 - Newcastle Show
April 2 - Sydney Royal Easter Show
April 3 - meet up with LiTee around Sydney
April 3 till 8 - Tasmania trip
April 9 - Wollongong & Kiama, including NanTien Temple
April 16 - Nasi Lemak night, with MYSUN committee (testing food for Foodlicious on 8th May)
April 17 18 - Sydney Sports Carnival 2010 @ University of Sydney Aquatic Centre
April 23 - Sydney @ Judy's birthday
April 24 - MYSUN Sandboarding trip
April 27 - Yvonne's surprised party at her place
April 29 - Warners Bay + IronMan2
April 30 - Yvonne's birthday party at Silver Dolphin

coming up events:
April 8 - MYSUN Foodlicious

tat's all for now... will blog more soon as soon as I'm free from assignments... check out for facebook for more updates... ^^

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