Wednesday, March 3, 2010


2010 - another year of university, another semester of class... enrolled as usual, 4 subjects.. n i cant believe i'm having lectures 3 evenings every week... omg... wanna cry d... i wan class in de morning, rest in de evening!! not sleep in de morning, lessons in de afternoon... omg omg omg!! think i'm gonna sleep in class every evening... LOL, which i hope i wont..
anyways, back in Singapore, WeiRen n I arrived in Changi International Airport and went out for some walk before we transit back to Sydney.. went to this cute 'Lulu Restaurant'.. english same, chinese different name.. =)

arrived in Sydney International Airport... we had airport service to send us to my relative's place to collect the car.. den we went around and found a new place.. 'Blacktown'.. another suburb of sydney.. the shopping centre is REALLY big!! i guess it can be compared with Canberra's shopping centre.. we stayed at 'Travelodge Blacktown'.. very special place, but was too tired didnt take much pictures..

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