Tuesday, March 9, 2010

week 2

Week 1 of university has juz passed.. and Week 2 has juz started... so far, everything's going quite well.. except for some hmwk part as I'm not sure wat the correct answer... especially LAW... i took 'Company Law' and I cant believe now i'm actually studying law in 'Taxation'.. hai~ my taxation lecture told me tat we'll be studying law during the first half of the course and calculations only during the next half of the course.. sad isn't?? i hate law.. coz u've lotzz to do, and u have to think for the 'for' and 'against' arguments... tat's why some ppl love law subject coz they're no specific answers, it can be a yes OR a no.. depending on how u argue ur points...

recently, I've put a little bear in WeiRen's car... he don allow me to put at the centre as he said it's disturbing when he's driving... so I only can put it on the side where i always sit.. talking about this bear.. it's name is 'doo doo'... from WeiRen's brothers... cute right?? my birthday present for this year... it reached my hand with a coin bottle with 'doo doo' inside.. =)

and lastly, last weekend before EngSiang went back to Melbourne... four of us went to 'LoneStar' for lunch before sending him to Newcastle Airport.. ^^

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