Monday, March 15, 2010


time flies.... my first 2 weeks of uni juz gone like tat.. wonder if i studied much during the 2 weeks or not... having lectures from 5-7pm is not fun at all... i wish my class was in de morning instead of evening... recently i checked my timetable for my 2nd semester... oh gosh... my class is also from 5-7pm!! sniff sniff... next sem i'll be having class only on wednesday, thursday and friday everyweek.. unless i change my enrolling subjects..

anyways, my weekends is pretty good.. had SAUN and MYSUN welcome party and AGM (Annual General Meeting) choosing the position for the new year... let the pictures do de rest.. for more information, pls visit my other blog with weeifoong or check de pictures from facebook.. =)

tat's all for now... time for my hmwk to be done for my tutorials this afternoon.. ^^

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