Thursday, May 6, 2010


COUNTDOWN: 2 days to MYSUN's Foodlicious!!

cant wait for it to come... and I hope everything goes well... *pray pray pray* it's de first time MYSUN organize such events, not saying tat dey never organize food event... but this time is really different... y?? coz it's de first time we prepared nasi lemak for the event!! so I hope everything goes alright.. besides tat, we're gonna have teh tarik as well.. yay!! miss it so much... I've got to learn to do the teh tarik skill one day, pouring here n there highly up!! LOL.. and I hope there's still teh left in the cup.. wat else we have?? hmm, maybe kuih?? or some desserts?? cant wait for it to come!! it can be considered one of the largest event for MYSUN so far, as we've got more den 100ppl attending from facebook.. yay!! hope to see everyone there.. ^^

gonna be very busy since friday den... tat's why I have to keep repeating to myself tat I must finish my assignment by tonite... as I'll be busy helping the rest of the committee with everything tomolo after 3pm, and might need to wakeup during midnight early in de morning to cut the fruits and stuffs for the event... gonna stop right here.. will be back soon!! time for assignment again.. =D

wish me luck... ♥

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