Wednesday, May 5, 2010


yesterday morning when I wokeup, I received msg from Vivian saying tat in the afternoon about 4.30pm, our real estate agent will be coming over to our house for house inspection for the other room.. den I received a call from WeiRen saying the same thing, plus, he got a msg tat our house owner will come over to see the house.. someone came over to our house to vacuum de house early in de morning and the person woke me up.. I went to the real estate website and search for our house.. n guess wat?? the two rooms downstairs are now renting for $135 per week!!! three of us are now paying $160 per week and now the room rate reduced till $135!!!!! it's A BIG DIFFERENCE okay??? $25 difference....... it's SO UNFAIR to us!!! we've been staying for more den a year, and now, this happens!! WeiRen phoned to the agent and dey replied so fiercely tat our rental price cant drop!!! I'm so mad now!! stupid one... never think for us!! selfish!!!!! =@

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