Friday, June 18, 2010

Bye Taxation

juz finish my second paper this afternoon.. SAD, so damn difficult!! n I think there's too much questions to do.. although is an open book exam, n u're told which question is from which topic, which lecture... BUT STILL!!! hai~ SO MUCH!!! see my own notes n summaries down there?? i tab tab tab a lot of them, so is easier for me to look for.. such THICK books, so much notes in front of u, but u only have a tiny little table... =(

the table is not big enough for me to put all my stuffs.. those unused stuffs had to go down on the floor.. seriously speaking, I bring the SUPER THICK textbook in for nothing.. haha!! coz i didnt even touch the book at all.. most of my time, I'm busy with my notes in my file.. refer refer refer but still, not all answers are there.. SAD, I'm really afraid n worried tat I'm gonna fail this subject... I don wanna retake!!! pls pls pls let me pass... sniff sniff...

see Vivian behind my books n notes?? hehe.. we're at flower's room before we actually had our paper this afternoon..

next paper, Management Accounting... hope i can do well for this subject... [from lecturer, failing rate is VERY HIGH!!!]... sad, worried once again, hope I can pass... same goes to my law... =(

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