Saturday, June 19, 2010

Chicken Rice Night

tonite, Stephanie decided to cook chicken rice for us for dinner.. yay!! miss chicken rice a lot... yummy yummy chicken rice we all had tonite.. had dinner with Stephanie, Angela, Wayne, Adrian, AhFoo, WeiRen.. at Wayne's place.. yum yum yum.. spent quite a long time eating n chatting, also a way to release our stress from exam.. haha... I hope so!! I've got 2 more exams!! hai~ both papers are those, not really prepared paper, I'm starting to worry now, seriously worried.. sniff sniff..

I thought today is Friday!!! thought i had taxation exam on Thursday n this morning studied till so relaxing at library, coz i told myself, 'I've WHOLE saturday n WHOLE sunday to prepare'.. BUT NOT!! only when Wayne n WeiRen told me tat today's saturday!! sniff sniff, I've only have ONE day left to study for my management accounting... =(

anyways, back to dinner, n pictures.. =D
we had yummy chicken rice, spring rolls, vege, watermelon for fruits, sorbet mango icecream for dessert.. not forgetting some soft drinks..

AhFoo, frying the spring rolls..

Adrian, promoting Stephanie's chicken rice..

yum yum chicken rice.. looks nice, isn't?

spring rolls..


our Chef for de night, Stephanie..

icecream, with cones.. ^^

Thanks a lot Stephanie for the lovely dinner..

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