Monday, June 21, 2010

Energy Drink

exams recently, I easily got tired from studying.. one day, I saw this 'Red Bull' drink n decided to buy and try.. who knows, I got energy to study for de whole afternoon.. so I went to supermarket to purchase few more cans of Red Bull drink juz for these 2 weeks of exam week.. Energy drink really works especially when u're having exams... BUT, don drink too much... coz it's not good for ur health..

Red Bull

It's a Carbonated Taurine Drink, which is best when serves cold.. 'Vitalizes Body and Mind'..
RED BULL Energy Drink - specially developed for periods of increased mental and physical exertion.

- Increases performance
- Increases concentration and reaction speed
- Improves vigilance
- Stimulates metabolism

Red Bull's effects are appreciated throughout the world by top athletes, busy professionals, active students and drivers on long journeys.

Besides Red Bull Energy Drink, there're other types too sold in Australia... but I havent tried on them yet.. not sure whether dey're nice or not.. =)

Mother Energy Drink

Monster Energy Drink

Guarana Energy Drink


  1. lolz~~ those are normal for me during exam time~~ I drink until my body immune to it and so even now I drink 1 can, I can sleep whole day too.. xD