Wednesday, June 23, 2010

last paper to go

last paper to go, Company Law!! I'm not ready for the paper yet, hope I can score this last paper... hate law, but wat to do? it's a compulsory subject.. luckily this is gonna be my last law subject.. happy happy.. whee~ cant wait for holidayz.... cant wait for Judy and Adeleen to come over.. hope the weather will be fine during the weekends.. countdown, less den a week's time, I'll be home.. "home sweet home".. Happy Happy Happy.. =)

miss Brunei, miss Malaysia.. especially the people as well as the food... Whee~ but gonna transit in Singapore for 15hours.. any suggestion on which part of Singapore should I travel to?? lol.. yes I know MRT is very helpful, but so many stations, dunno where should I stop.. better ask some Singapore friends before going there..

back to study... will blog more as soon as I finish my final paper tomolo morning, wish me luck.. =D

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