Thursday, June 24, 2010

how to recycle plastic bottle caps?

I believe that most people will have snacks tat couldnt be finish at times..

some ppl might be thinking of eating some while keeping de rest for the other day so tat a packet of snack can finish at a longer time.. but usually, ppl will juz intend to leave it there n forget about it at times..

so what do u ppl usually do with those unfinished food?
in de past, ppl will juz use a rubber band n tie them up.. if not den put in into a container or something..

when u finish de food, u'll have to wash up the container..
so far, I've come out with some good idea to keep the air from going into the food..
the main point is, u don have to waste a single money on it..
All u have to do is, to get a plastic bottle n cut it.. den, U'RE DONE!!

what's the use of a plastic bottle cap?
everytime when u drink water, u close the cap n a single drop of water wont drop out, right??

so, u can apply this to ur unfinished food too..

Simple & Easy
hope that helps some of u ppl.. =D

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