Sunday, June 13, 2010

new layout

finally.. done with the new layout... [leave some comments after viewing it].. I accidentally deleted de previous one.. sad, which I searched for a long time... now back to de normal usual blogger template... I'm still clicking n playing around with this gadget thingy n stuffs.. blur blur.. LOL.. weeifoong help wanlu!!! =P

anyways, as usual, studied at uni today whole day.. n i didnt realize tat it's weekend.. today's a Sunday!! time flies, 3 days later's gonna be my first paper.. worried worried worried, hope I'll do well for de papers.. went to tapao-ed KungFu noodles for dinner tonite... dunno y, I'm always missing KungFu noodles all de time.. maybe it's their special fried rice? or special fried mee? or the special tapao box dey had? I've no idea.. I juz love KungFu noodles.. hehe..