Sunday, March 13, 2011

MYSUN Welcoming Makan-Makan

here we come.. MYSUN's first event for the year 2011.. Welcoming Party to welcome ALL de news students n to welcome back all de returners back in the University of Newcastle.. it was a great day, forget about the time delayed, everything was great.. There're performances, bands, singings stuff.. not forgetting the teh-tarik challenge and the tug-of-war.. n lastly, the yummy yummy delicious Briyani Chicken Rice + BBQ chicken.. n teh tarik... it was SO HOT today, until now.. it's still SO HOT... I thought it's already autumn?? y izzit so hot??? =(

both of us


lastly, not forgetting the committee members for 2011..

President - Vishnu Vigneswaran
Vice-President - Norman Teh
Vice-President - Nadia Ghazali
Treasurer - Kenneth Fung
Asst Treasurer - Sathveer Randhay
Secretary - WanLu Teo
Asst Secretary - Andrea Chin
Student Advisor - Bomblekz Chiang
Event/Activity Officer - Nazha Noorizan
Sports Director - Adi Azmin
Public Relation - Davina Dave
Public Relation - Asrianah Andi Yakin

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