Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Indoor Rock Climbing

have you ever heard of rock climbing before? I guess everyone would have heard it, but, have you heard about any indoor ones before?? and, have u climbed before?? There's actually quite a number of them in Australia.. last weekend, the badminton gang informed me and I took my discount voucher tat I purchased online few months back and joined them.. WeiRen suppose to join me but he couldnt make it, so in de end, I met Kenneth at Vishnu's Deepavali gathering and invited him along.. so, Kenneth replaced WeiRen.. =)

went there at 1pm and met the rest of them.. there're 11 of us altogether.. and "none" of us climbed before.. all of us were very excited, we entered one of the highest "Forum Climbing Wall" in Australia, which springs upwards to an awesome height of 18.5 metres and offers over 30 different routes to climb, the artificial wall is a magnificent centrepiece of The Forum Sports & Aquatic Centre...

since it was our first time climbing, we're required to sign some form..

wear some safety precaution thingy..

and we're ready to enter!!


some of us, after climbing.. more pictures on facebook..

Thanks many many to Yvonne for helping us to take all these pictures when the rest of us are climbing..

Forum's Rock Climbing:
A great place to start adventure climbing, the wall allows climbers to concentrate on correct movement and technique under controlled conditions without having to worry about weather or outdoor climbing hazards.

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