Sunday, November 20, 2011

Kitami @ Darby Street

Last few days, WeiRen and I went to Kitami at Darby Street for lunch... It's really yummy.. and also, cheap during lunch.. you'll be VERY FULL after every meal you have at Kitami and u wont need to eat dinner anymore.. hehe...

WeiRen was quite full since the dinner the night before and therefore he didnt ordered his 'Curry Katsu Don' and so, he ordered Sushi... I ordered my all time favourite 'Oyako Don'... tried Japanese Food in newcastle before?? try Kitami!! it's the cheapest and very very worth meal u'll ever had here.. and also.. if u're craving for japanese food at night, go to the Kitami at Beaumont Street, Hamilton. Why?? Because at night, the one at Darby Street will be much more expensive than the afternoon's menu.. Imagine eating the same meal in de afternoon for $10 and dinner time it costed $20 for the same thing!! So, what are you waiting for?? =D

yum yum yum....

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