Monday, November 21, 2011

Little tip of Japanese meals

Want a little tip of Japanese meals?? Here's some of them:

KATSU : a crumbed deep fried pieces of meat, the word "KATSU", is originated from an English word "Cutlet"
DON: a meal in a bowl with rice topped with meat, fish or vegetables
OYAKO DON: a type of "don" topped with chicken omelette, "oya-ko" means "parents-children"
UDON: flour noodle in soup
KARA AGE: soy sauce flavored deep fried chicken
GYOZA: dumpling with pork, cabbage fillings
AGEDASI TOFU: deep fried tofu with soup stock
TAKOYAKI: flour balls with pieces of octopus in it. "TAKO" means octopus, "YAKI" means "grilled"

did you learn any new stuff?? =)

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