Friday, November 11, 2011

My friend - Get Well Soon

Just done with two papers.. more to go next week.. and while studying half way lastnight, heard from friend that one of my HSC friend got stroke and is in ICU.. slept for two days and juz heard from friend that he juz wokeup...

Shiong Qi,
When I heard from friend that you got stroke, I was really shocked and couldn't believe it..
When you were in ICU for two days, everyone were very worried about you and pray very hard for you..
When I just heard that you juz wokeup, I, together with ALL ur friends, feel happy for you.. We still continue to pray hard for you to get well..

Please get well soon.. Remember to stay strong, and there's still a long way for us to go.. Everyone out there is waiting for your return, to talk with you, enjoy being with you.. Dont ever give up on urself k?? It is not the end of the world yet..

Eventhough we haven't talk for quite some time, but I still remember you as my friend, my special friend... Not only me, but ALL ur HSC friends, IMU friends and all will be there for you always..

Gell Well Soon.... see you soon..

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