Saturday, February 11, 2012

my 21st birthday

Talking back about my 21st birthday, it was awesome, and surprising...

Thanks a lot a lot to my beloved boyfriend for coming all the way from Penang to celebrate for me.. and thanks him for all the surprises and presents he've given me.. Thanks my love

He came on de day before and we went to 'Empire Hotel' for buffet dinner.. and surprisingly, while we were having our dessert, 2 of the restaurant staffs came out.. one holding a plate of cake, one behind holding a beautiful flower... it was really unexpected by me.. and surprisingly, a lot of customers around kept looking at us, 'so paiseh, LOL'... and after de birthday song, A LOT of them kept clapping their hands towards us.. why? izzit becoz dey thought a guy gonna propose to me?? hahaha..... anyways, it was really a lovely dinner tat night.. didnt take much pictures tat night, as I was busy looking at my flower when I was walking around.. =P

me... with my cake and flower...

After dinner, we went to 'Empire Cineplex' for a movie.. only less den 10ppl were inside.. =D and after movie, we went back home, as we've got a lot to do during the next day..

went back home and............


thanks sis and nick for handmaking this wonderful cake.. de design by them is really nice.. dey can open a cake shop in future.. hehe... i'm serious...

and on the next day....
everyone were busy cooking for the special BIG night of mine...
my beloved grandma, daddy, mummy and WeiRen helped out and did all the cooking and stuff, all the food tat night were prepared by us, by them... yum yum yum.... check out the food pictures on facebook later on.. ^^

my special 21st key bday cake.. ordered by parents and sister.. got see de cute litle bear on de side? I requested tat actually.. hehehe... cute little whity...

my beloved family..

with relatives..

with all my lovely friends... thanks for coming..

us four..

family photo

lastly, not forgetting my love...

memorable and unforgettable 21st birthday... =)

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