Saturday, February 11, 2012

Summer Break - Last Holiday

My three months summer break holiday gonna end very soon.. which means that my relaxing and studying moment is ending, and it's time for me to proceed to my next stage of life, 'WORK'... Recently I've been busy and stress regarding all these.. as I'm going back aussie, I'll have to prepare for my residency stuff in aussie.. eg, to take IELTS which I havent, do medical checkup, do police report for certificate of good of conduct, and more n more... plus, I havent settle my new accomodation at aussie.. thinking of moving out n yet, havent found an ideal place to move to and havent inspect the property.. will have to wait till we get back before we can do all those...

Anyways, talking back about my summer break, it was really wonderful...
- went back to PENANG to celebrate my love's 21st birthday (took me a long time preparing his surprises)
- went to SEOUL and JEJU ISLAND, KOREA with his family for a week plus..
- went to HATYAI, THAILAND with my family..
- attended Ideal Summit Group Annual Company dinner..
- Chinese New Year in Lawas..
- WeiRen came to Brunei for my 21st birthday..
- lots and lots more...

gonna post more in details about some of them soon..

Stay tune... =D

Valentine's is coming up... what's your plan?? ^^

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